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What Does a Company Secretary do in Singapore?

What Does a Company Secretary do in Singapore

A company secretary guarantees that all applicable legislative responsibilities are completed, that the company’s economic interests are always safeguarded, that sound corporate governance is followed, and that the company’s registered office location is visited on a regular basis.

A company secretary must maintain frequent communication and guarantee that their interests are safeguarded, promptly distributing financial information so that shareholders are prepared to vote at the firm’s Annual General Meeting.

Other than these responsibilities, the corporate secretary should be capable of arranging shareholder and director meetings, maintaining the company statutory registers.

Providing wide-ranging legal support and advice, bridging the potential communication gap between the Board and shareholders, and ensuring the Board’s decisions are carried out efficiently and legally.

Proper execution of these tasks eventually contributes to the success of the company.

There are many different responsibilities and duties that a company secretary in Singapore must fulfil to ensure the smooth functioning of the organizations. Some of these responsibilities are:

1. Protect the Company’s Interests

It is the responsibility of the company secretary to make sure the company complies with all of the relevant rules and regulations. It is important to protect the best interests of the company.

Moreover, company secretaries ensure the implementation of the best working practices at the company. They are responsible for working with the company’s working partners such as an outsourced accounting firm in Singapore.


2. Advise Directors

A company secretary also has the important responsibility of providing reliable advice to the company directors and give support whenever required.

The company secretaries must keep the directors up-to-date with all the important developments about the company and make meaningful contributions to the board meetings.


3. Communication with Shareholders

The company secretaries should maintain regular and steady communication with the shareholders to ensure their interests in the company are being protected.

Moreover, they are responsible for the timely distribution of the financial statements so that the shareholders can fully participate in the company’s annual general meeting.


4. Maintaining Statutory Registers

Maintaining and updating the statutory registers like the register of shareholders and charges is an important part of the company secretary’s responsibilities because it is required by the law.


5. Protect Company Seal

The company secretary has to safeguard the company seal and use it on different official documents when required.


6. Prepare Meeting Agendas

It is the responsibility of a company secretary to prepare the agenda of the meetings and send proper notices to the company members and shareholders. It also includes the organization of the meetings.


7. Follow Company Rules

The company secretaries not only ensure the company’s compliance with rules and regulations but also has to follow the constitution of the company themselves at all times.


8. Account Preparation

Whether the company is preparing and managing the accounts itself or outsourcing it to an accounting firm in Singapore, it is the responsibility of the company secretary to make sure all of the accounts are prepared according to the company rules and regulations.

Moreover, the company secretary must file such changes and financial statements with the registrar.


9. Company Identity

The company secretary has to ensure that the name and entity number of the company are properly stated on the official notices, business letters, and other important documents.


10. Filing Official Forms

Filing statutory forms with the registrar and other authorities is essential for companies to ensure smooth functioning without running into any legal issues.

Therefore, the company secretary must file the required returns and forms with the registrar within the particular deadlines. It includes filing returns and forms like the Annual Returns, returns of shares, and other official notices.


11. Prepare Minutes of Meetings

Company records have to be thoroughly maintained as per the law. It is the responsibility of the company secretary to prepare the minutes of the meetings and keep the company records up-to-date.


In A Nutshell

These are the major responsibilities of the company secretary in Singapore. It is quite evident that it is of importance in any company in Singapore, and as such, the law makes it mandatory for companies to hire a company secretary.

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